Community Center

This project is in partnership with the Pentecostal Church, Biserica Betleem,


  1. Literacy program with Gypsy kids who do not attend school. They come 4 days a week and receive breakfast and lunch. In the afternoon we have a Bible based literacy program that and are ages 2-15. Currently there are approximately 25 kids who attend this program daily. All kids receive showers and clean clothes weekly. We also teach basic hygiene skills.
  2. Tutoring program with kids from the village who attend school and are behind in school and families from the church who are in crisis. They receive breakfast and lunch each day and showers weekly. These kids receive special tutoring from team and individual help and family counseling.
  3. We have 4 full time employees from the church who serve in these programs.
  4. We have one full time housekeeper who cleans the 9,000 sq foot community center 5 days a week.
  5. Housing for Short Term Trip teams. The Center houses all teams who come and serve in Medgidia.
  6. 4 Volunteer cooks each week who prepare hot lunch each day
  7. Near completion is the Coffee Shop which will be used as an evangelical tool and outreach for the Community.
  8. Multipurpose room that is near completion…A room for teams and youth from the church to hang out as well as a room to host larger events such as medical clinics and other evangelical events
  9. In operation, a pharmacy/clinic where a local Doctor volunteers and sees over 2,000 patients a month and all meds distributed are free to the patients
  10. Houses a public library that has Christian books available and 5 computers, free to the community.

Evangelical Turkish Muslim Gypsy Church

This project is in partnership with Romanian Missionaries from the Pentecostal Church

  1. The Literacy/Bible program is held 4 days a week for Muslim Gypsy kids who do not attend school
  2. Simple breakfast served everyday for the 25-50 kids who attend, ages 2-15
  3. 2 part time workers from the church
  4. Basic hygiene taught daily

Woman’s Ministry


  1. Once a year conference in March where over 500 women are invited in a 8 day conference.
  2. Ministry in Medgidia and 11 church plants/villages outside of Medgidia

Neighborhood Outreach


  1. Once a month we visit many of the kids families who are in the programs and deliver basic food items and minister to them in prayer and song



  1. Each year in May over 50 kids attend camp split in 2 weeks. The kids from the literacy programs and who do not attend school attend these camps. Budget 100 USD per child (includes food, clothes and all needs of the kids for one week). We take the kids in a summer camp every year.

These programs are our main focus. We thank you for all your love and support!