Upcoming Missions

Short term trips with groups and organizations to Guatemala and/or Romania with internships are available. As nothing is planned at this time, there may be opportunities in South Africa, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Argentina to name a few.
If you would like more information about a possible short term trip, please use the contact information on this website to express your interests.


Anyone is eligible to participate if they have a desire to serve the Nations. The commitment of SSM is “to serve and not be served”.

Serving with SSM means:
  1. Participants must be willing to set aside personal preferences, habits and schedule in the interest of others to fulfill the ministry of the project to which they are assigned or agreed upon and seek to win souls for Jesus Christ.
  2. Understand there are variations in the practice and understanding of scripture in some areas of doctrine, Christian living and witness. In serving SSM, missionaries will abide by the standards of the project to which they are assigned, in all areas including dress, entertainment, activities, etc. This includes a willing agreement to abstain from the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, and to be sensitive to the cultural region and church expectations and standards.
  3. In cooperation with the project setting, participants will seek to provide excellence in serving and to present Jesus Christ as Lord.
  4. There will be an application process for each person wanting to serve which will include references from Pastor(s) and/or Leadership of participating organization. SSM is incorporation with the Global Church and when possible will only send on the validation of Pastor(s) and or Leadership. SSM Board Members will participate in the application process and interview all applicants. All eligible participants will only be sent with the final approval of the Board Executive Committee.